Software defined storage:

Is it time to retire your SAN?

Datacentre and Infrastructure

Infrastructure Services

Akson is able to offer design and deployment services for a number of different types of systems infrastructure projects. These can range from server and desktop virtualisation to disaster recovery, VDI deployment and server refreshes. We are not affiliated with single vendor or solutions provider, and instead pride ourselves on maintaining multiple partnerships with the most widely used vendors in the industry. This ensures that we can provide solution that is truly designed and delivered specifically to suit the needs of the project.

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Hyperconverged and software-defined storage (SDS) is the next stage in on-prem infrastructure

Vendors such as VMWare, Nutanix, HP Simplivity, StarWind and Microsoft offer SDS as alternatives to traditional Fibre Channel SAN based virtualization infrastructure. This is perfect for downsizing your physical footprint, and streamlining your infrastructure to a more cost-efficient and agile solution, that grows as you need it to.

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Server Consolidation

Virtualisation offers many advantages over the traditional “bare-metal” approach to infrastructure. The obvious being a far greater server density per CPU.

Akson can also help you manage the burden of those legacy systems which you’re too afraid to upgrade by converting them to virtual systems, then adding redundancy technologies.

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VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

If your environment manages and maintains a large number of desktop workstations, it could be worth considering VDI as an alternative. VDI solutions offer the same end-user experience of desktops, but by using thin clients with consolidated workstations as VMs, you can benefit from reduced power consumption, better redundancy, less hardware to maintain and centralised management.

Datacentre Services

We offer a number of services to our clients for supporting and improving their physical infrastructure, whether that’s to a single rack in a comms room, or a whole data centre. Installation and support can be provided on an ad-hoc basis, or as part of a full project with support contracts in place, and tailored SLA’s.



Cable runs and patch panel installation for both fibre and copper; Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6a installation.

Akson uses the latest tools from Vendors such as Fluke to produce certification and verification results on copper and fibre cabling. This can also help with troubleshooting.


Remote Hands and Troubleshooting

We have a number of remotely located clients from different cities or even countries. Akson provides local engineers available to support the infrastructure of organisations who don’t always have physical access to their hardware, or use co-locations based in Sydney.

Emergency call-outs, planned upgrades, or simply layer 1 troubleshooting.


Environmental Monitoring and DCIM Tools

Get better control over your physical infrastructure by adopting a digital DCIM system to monitor your power, temperature and humidity statistics per room, rack or device.

DCIM tools can also be used for capacity planning, asset/inventory control and cable path management. Akson will learn how your environment operates, then design a solution that supports the process and procedures of your organisation